Whats the Difference?

We met Jim Crew through our vet, Dr. Dwight Hooten, a world-class vet and great friend while we are both living and enjoying life in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Jim has worked on several horses at our ranch. However, we are now committed to the Heathy Stride approach for all of our horses, not just the ones who are suffering or lame. Their approach to balance and the whole horse improves the horse, not just the feet.

This is the story of two of the ones who really needed Jim and Healthy Stride.. All of our horses and our passion is dedicated to the Mangalarga Marchador breed, the National Horse of Brasil.

Unfortunately, Caboclo’s feet had contracted with shoes on until they were long and not round. In an attempt to help him, we moved into the natural hoof care movement and went barefoot with no shoes. He had periods of wonderful movement, but his feet failed to change shape as we desired. In the mountains of Colorado, he developed bruises in his feet as well and became footsore.

He would try his best to do what we used to do, but I could tell he was hurting. Under Dr. Hooten’s and Jim’s care, we trimmed his feet. For the first time, his frog area is expanding and his foot is regaining a better and more natural shape. Jim has cast all of his feet and the difference was amazing.

The first night he was good, but it was almost like Caboclo didn’t trust the feeling. Immediately after the first night, he has become the horse I used to know and love. He can perform all of the old dressage work we used to do and offers to move out and canter with elegance and spirit.

Thank you for giving my horse back to me!


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Caboclo da Piedade, Mangalarga Marchador
Age 8, Gelding

“Caboclo is my favorite riding horse. A wonderful partner for me, he will do or try to do anything I ask. I often think of him as the Black Stallion – when we ride together, often bareback and with only a halter, we work as one, not as horse and rider. I like to think he is loving it as much as I do”.
Lynn Kelley, owner, Summerwind Marchadors.

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