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Elba Cruzalta

Nicknamed Bella, this mare came to Summerwind Marchadors in May 2008 from a friend in Texas in order to rehabilitate in a pasture environment. Bella had suffered from white line disease for quite some time. Under Dr. Hooten’s care, the fungus was gone and the hooves were in recovery. But her feet were still sore. Bella never offered to move at more that a walk when she came.

Dwight brought Jim into Bella’s care and the first trial was with VETTEC’s Superfast™ and Soleguard™ products. Bella improved immediately. She walked without pain and started to offer a faster speed, the marcha gait. We discovered she had a great gait!

Besides that change, what started to change what her eyes. We could see that there was no more pain. She looked healthier. Her mane, one of the points on the evaluation guide started to fall all on one side. We were so happy.

Jim and Dwight decided to cast her feet. With Bella, they did only the front feet. The transformation was so instantly apparent that we made a video of her moving. She was a star! We wish now that we had made one of the “before” Bella. To see the video on youtube.com, follow this link.

It is all about the horse, and what a great one she is! Bella is now balanced, moving and so very happy and content. Bella is due to foal in March 2009 and she is ready!

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Elba Cruzalta, Mangalarga Marchador Mare

"Her feet are looking better and aren’t sore."

Lynn Kelley, owner, Summerwind Marchadors.

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