Whats the Difference?

The main difference between Healthy Stride and any other farrier discipline is that in addition to caring for the hoof capsule, its inner structures, and hoof related pathologies, Healthy Stride takes the whole horse and his posture into account prior to shoeing or trimming.

Using our evaluation form helps us determine where the horse is out of balance. Beginning with the horse standing square, the mane, tail, shoulders and hips are compared for symmetry. The horse is then walked straight towards and away from the evaluator as the swing of the ribs, footfalls, and straightness of the legs and pasterns are analyzed. All are noted for shoeing/trimming decisions and as a record of the horse’s progress over several shoeing cycles.

There are many well-known and practiced shoeing or trimming methods that address diseases of the hoof, equine movement and its many issues. Think of Healthy Stride as an addition to this foundation of excellent shoeing and trimming practices. Healthy Stride shoes or trims according to the entire equine body instead of just the hoof. Our goal is to achieve perfect posture and symmetry (Zero Balance™), allowing the horse to move freely and soundly.

The photos at right show a horse with a low hip (top) and another with a low shoulder and hip (bottom). Adjustments are made in the shoeing or trimming to level the shoulders and hips, correct the flight of the foot, and to medially-laterally balance the hoof.


Click Here to Download our Evaluation Guide. Using this guide to evaluate your horse's posture is an excellent way to document your horse's journey as he becomes more balanced and athletic.

When beginning this process, take photos of your horse standing square from the front, back and both sides. It is also a good idea to photograph the mane from above. Make notes as your horse changes, paying particular attention to great rides, injuries, etc. and note them in your guide. Fill out a guide prior to each shoeing/trimming. By always referring back to your guide, you will be able to pinpoint the areas that need to be balanced.

Print out the guide on 8.5 x 11 inch paper and follow the tasks in order. The instructions for printing are commented in the file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file and may get it by clicking the link below.

get adobe reader.

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