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We are in the process of compiling a list of Healthy Stride Endorsed Farriers. To find a qualified farrier in your area, please let us know where you are and we will write you back. One of the best ways to meet Healthy Stride farriers is to attend a clinic near you. The schedule is updated regularly on our homepage. If you are interested in becoming a Healthy Stride Endorsed Farrier, please send us an email! Click Here to send an email inquiry.

Below, you will find information on some of our Healthy Stride farriers. Enjoy reading their stories!

"My name is Cory Dague and I’m from Concord, Ga. I’ve been married for 15 years to my wonderful wife Jennifer, and we have two children, Jani – 10 and Caleb – 7.

Growing up, I always dreamed of having horses and being a “cowboy”, but wasn’t able to have any of my own until about 10 years ago. Horses have always fascinated me and I’ve just felt from deep inside I was supposed to work with them in some way.

In my late teens and early twenties I worked on loading docks loading and unloading trailers. Frustrated with the lack of passion for work each day, I jumped into the construction business in 1998. Times were good for the next eight or nine years raising my kids, riding horses, loving life. Then, like a light switch, everything in the housing market shut off. Thank God for times like those, because it brings a man to the place when he realizes that he don’t have it all figured out, and relying on your own strength instead of God’s is a hard way to live. That’s what happened to me!

The bank came and took two of my “for sale” houses back, since I couldn’t make the payments, and in just a couple of months my company was closed. Looking back I don’t know how we made it, but you see, God had other plans for my life all along.

I met Brandon Crew at our “cowboy church” about a year and half ago, and I had been doing some farrier work out of the back of my truck for a few months, and was really struggling to figure out how I could really make a difference instead of just being another farrier. From that day to this, I’ve been learning how to help horses as well as learning a skill. Now I’m able to help horses on a daily basis and see them go from pain to pleasure, from lame to sound. I’m seeing horse owners understand why their horse responds a certain way, and it’s awesome to see the tears of joy from them as their horse performs like never before.

Thank you Jim and Brandon Crew for your sacrifice, your knowledge, your love for the horse, and your willingness and passion to teach folks like me." – Cory Dague, Concord, GA

"I'm Warren Williams and my wife and I live in Allen, Texas. My experience as a professional farrier spans over thirty-six years–I've been shoeing for a living since March of 1972.

I actively pursue continued education through participation and membership with the American Farriers Association, and the Texas Professional Farriers Association; through continued involvment of clinics and seminars, work and consultation with other professional farriers, veterinarians, equine professionals, in addition to reading current literature to enrich my farrier skills.

I have attended numerous clinics through the years and was pretty much done with attending too many more. Then one of my clients called and asked me if I would attend a Healthy Stride clinic. I almost declined, but decided I would go to appease her. Thank the good Lord for that decision. It has been the most rewarding move I have made in my shoeing career. I have been able to help horses that I would not have been able to without this valuable knowledge." – Warren Williams, Allen, TX,

"Fred H. Cloninger, Horseshoeing 28 years, 55 years old. Graduate of Eastern School of Farriery, Martinsville, VA, Danny Ward Instructor

My first Healthy Stride Clinic was Saturday, May 31st, 2008, at Whitt's End Farm, owned by Barbara and Steve Whitt in York, SC. Kim Leitch, a friend and a client for over 15 years invited me to the clinic. Kim brought her two horses, Cooper and Grits to be evaluated at the clinic. I met Jim Crew that day and it has changed my life and horseshoeing for the better.

Jim began at 9 am and I listened and enjoyed every word spoken. I was amazed at the love and passion he shared about the horse. The Alabama talk was good and clear to me!

I asked Jim a question: 'Why, as farriers, are we taught to stay below the knee to the hoof and only vets are to go above the knee? Why can't we go higher?' Jim said, 'that's why we are all here.'

I had used wedges and pads before in shoeing, but had never looked at the topline of the horse as Jim taught us. Now I see that Jim is 12 feet tall looking down as I was at the knee looking down. No longer will I just pay attention to the horse below the knee. And what a difference it has made to my shoeing and trimming skills.

At a Healthy Stride Clinic in Asheville, I was having a lunch break and opened my Bible to Hebrews 10: 24-25 and read. The verses spoke about watching over one another and assembling together. After reading, I looked over at another clinic attendee who was nearby in her car and asked if it was ok to read the verses to her. She said sure. Her eyes looked brighter and then she told me that in her journal, she had just written about helping one another, studying, teaching and encouraging one another. I took that as divine intervention and have been continuing my education with Jim and Brandon every chance I get.

Many times we do not change due to pride. Let pride go and step out of your box. Grow, teach, share knowledge and help one another. A man with wisdom and knowledge has no fear, however a man with no wisdom and little knowledge has great fear. Let us do as the eagle and red tail hawk. When situations grow dim, we can fly higher above the rest and cannot be touched by negative situations and people. Live your DASH! Thank you Jim Crew." – Fred Cloninger, Dallas, NC, www.brother-fred.webs.com

"Hello Jim, I wanted to tell you and others how much Healthy-Stride has helped me in my shoeing business. Although I already had a very successful business I wanted more for the horses I was doing. I just felt like there was something missing. And from the time I met you in Arizona my shoeing skills and knowledge have been improved tremendously. Although what has impressed me the most is your knowledge of the anatomy of the whole horse, training, breeds and the needs of each.

I had attended many clinics and conventions in the past but never gained the knowledge I have gained from you. When you shoe a horse for Pat or Linda or anyone at these clinics you treat it as if you are going to be showing it yourself not one thing is overlooked. This ability to teach and communicate is what puts you at the top of the class. My clients loved and praised my work but I was not happy with it. I met Brandon in Fort Worth at the (Parelli) tour stop in 08 and he invited me to the Arizona clinic. I knew half way through the lecture this was what I had been missing. The knowledge you have of the anatomy amazed me. Horseshoers aren't supposed to know this stuff. Even vets don't know this stuff. Doug Butler says in his book there is very little a shoer can do above the knee and the hock, he may have changed his mind since. But you have shown that what goes on at the heel effects all the way to the wear of the teeth. Every time I get to spend time with you, I learn more.

After the first clinic in Mineola I had a client call and tell me her horse that she had sent off was returning home in critical shape. (This horse had a long fight with laminitis but I had him sound to ride, but he had to be shod right especially his right front.) The vet where the horse was wanted to put him down and so did her vet. I arrived shortly after to look at her horse. The x-rays showed he was ready to rotate out plus the pastern joint was displaced. His body showed the pain this horse was in. She was not sure if she was going to put him down or not and asked me to get him comfortable if I could. I already prayed about it and felt confident I could get him sound.

Using the Healthy-Stride principals I evaluated him and went to work. This was not easy for he was hurting but when I got through he released big and walked off sound. It was not drugs because he limped up in pain and walked off sound. This was a Friday. On Monday she called and said he was bright eyed. Two weeks later she went out to the round pen to get him to put back in his stall. He started running around and jumped out of the pen ran all over the property before he was caught–still sound. She is still riding him and he is still sound all thanks to Jim Crew for had he not shared his knowledge with me I could not have gotten this awesome horse sound. His name is Valiant Heart and his owner is my friend Dana Dickens. Had I not taken all the horse into perspective though and not put out the commitment to learn this would be a different outcome. This is why I have the utmost respect for Jim and Brandon Crew and encourage all shoers and barefoot trimmers to find a Healthy-Stride clinic and go. I traveled from Texas to Arizona to see what this was about.

My clients book year round or they don't get done, so to drive across the country put my calendar off. But my clients respect me more and my income has increased but most of all I have a whole slew of horses I have gotten sound and that gives me satisfaction. Like Jim says, if you want to increase your income you have to increase your knowledge and the learning never ends. I must add though Jim and Brandon are two of the best teachers I have ever been around, I think I have learned as much about how to communicate with people from being around them. They never make a person feel stupid but they care enough to push you out of your comfort zone or to confront you when you make excuses. Or in my case correct bad habits you have picked up. They also have a lot of time saving advice as well as safety for you and the horse. There Is Not Any Area Of My Shoeing Healthy-Stride Has Not Improved. Thank You Jim and Brandon. May GOD bless you both." – Ernie Frye Ballinger, TX

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