Whats the Difference?

Healthy Stride endorses products made by the following manufacturers.
We are proud to represent their products.
To order, please send us an email.

Natural Horse Organics – http://naturalhorseorganics.com/. Natural Horse Organics offers grooming products that are incredibly safe, non-toxic, gentle, and clean without needing harsh chemicals that damage our horses, our family, and our planet. Our organic blend of FDA EAFUS ingredients produces a family of grooming products whose applications are endless. We are very different from the commercially available synthetic concoctions that contain harsh, painful and toxic chemicals.

Zija Nutritional Products for Nutritional Support, Energy Metabolism and Overall Wellness. Click Here to Learn More!

Equine Innovations – www.hoofjack.com. Makers of the Hoofjack stands and Tooljacks. We have a special hoofjack model made especially for Healthy Stride that has a slanted, wider web for the hind leg cradle.

Vettec Hoof Care Products – www.vettec.com. Makers of Sole-Guard™, Super Fast™, Adhere™, Equi-Pak™, Sil-Pak™, and Equi-Build™. We stock both SuperFast and Adhere in 20cc tubes. Perfect for quick repairs and applying our casting tape. Email to order -- service@healthy-stride.net

EDSS Equine Digit Support System – www.edsshoofcare.com. Makers of Natural Balance Horse Shoes.

Healthy Stride Equine Hoof Casting – We offer boxes of 10 casts (Vet Pak) that includes 5-2" rolls, 4-3" rolls. Or you can mix and match a box with any combination of the 2, 3 or 4" rolls.

ThinLine Hoof Pads – www.thinlinepads.com. Works great as a sole pad, under casting material or as a rim pad for shoes. Order direct from ThinLine.

Healthy Stride Embroidered Apparel – stacie41173@charter.net . Contact Stacie @ Stitched N Style. We offer many items to customize with the Healthy Stride Logo.



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