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Healthy Stride, the Key to Fluid Movement DVD

In this groundbreaking video, Brandon and Jim Crew explain and demonstrate the principles of their approach to balancing a horse’s posture through shoeing and trimming methods developed during their years of combined experience. Beginning with evaluating the whole horse and comparing bilateral assymetry with a symmetrical norm, Healthy Stride™ uses this information to determine how to shoe or trim the horse to balance his body.  Healthy Stride has been able to improve the quality of movement, reduce pain and lameness and change the attitudes of many horses.
Learn how you can help your horse have the fluid movement that he was born with and how to keep your horse biomechanically sound.

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...I just thought it was conformation and when I met Jim Crew he showed me how it was nothing more than posture and balance...
– Linda Parelli

...I knew I was in the
presence of a master...
– Pat Parelli

...He is a master...
– Walter Zettl